TCM has been developed and utilised over a 3,000-year time span and has been proven to be effective and safe with virtually no adverse side effects. We are able to treat a range of conditions through the use of TCM, ranging from common ailments to chronic illnesses. 


Sub-Optimal Health

High blood Pressure
Stroke Rehabilitation

Common Cold/Sinus
Cough/Asthma/Sore Throat

TCM is founded on the principle of prevention. Common health issues such as insomnia, cough, sinus, indigestion, diarrhoea and migraine may suggest that the body is out of balance. TCM can provide fast relieve from symptoms and bring your health back to balance, preventing future illnesses from occurring. 


TCM Dermatology

Acne & Pimples


In TCM, skin condition is a reflection of the internal organs and the health of an individual as it is related to one's immune system. Therefore, various skin conditions reflect underlying health issues that require treatment. Here at ENOK TCM, we have a comprehensive treatment programme through oral and external medication that will be effective with no side-effects.


Pain & Injury Management

Stiff Fingers

Neck or Back Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Joint Discomfort
(knees, ankles, wrists)

Pain is treated through a holistic approach in TCM, treating both the symptoms and the root cause of pain. This will not only provide fast and lasting pain relief, it will also prevent future occurrence of it. We will tailor our treatments to fit the individual's condition to ensure optimum treatment and recover.


TCM Gynaecology

Menstrual Irregularities
Menopausal Syndromes

TCM regulates qi and blood, yin and yang in treating menstrual irregularities, infertility, menopausal syndromes among others. The use of acupuncture and herbal medicine have good effect in restoring normal organ functions. 


TCM Cosmetology

Skin Rejuvenation
Hair Loss
Weight Reduction

TCM has a long history of improving one's complexion through the use of various TCM treatment such as herbal application and acupuncture. TCM believes that blemishes are linked to one's internal organs and circulation. Therefore, by managing your internal system, you can achieve your ideal complexion safely.